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Never turn your back on Mother Earth

I am almost red-faced, if that were possible, at my previous exuberance, and declarations of spring.  The very next day, snow was in the forecast at least 2 inches with a possibility of 4.  I rushed outside to cover my raspberry bush and all the great leaves it has been sprouting.  I planted it a week ago in a 12 gallon plastic can, and then tied another 12 gallon trash can on top to give it enough airspace, should the snow decide to stick around.  Well of course it was all nearly melted away by late afternoon.

My raspberry bush did not look the worse for wear.  I think feeding it spent coffee grounds is really a good idea.

The tulips that have been poking up for about a week and a half now were just fine.  I grabbed some spare leaves that had collected around the corners of the house, and laid them on top with a  light dousing of water to keep them from blowing away.  Even during the winter, the air is super dry in Missouri.  The leaves stayed put and my tulips didn't look any worse than when the baby was tramping on them.

He really is a sweet child, it's just the predilection for stomping freshly dug earth that's the problem.  That, and the dirt eating.